Microblading (Includes Touch up) $300

     Microblading Service includes shaping  the Eyebrows and a 6 week touch up appointment. Eyebrows will be measured & outlined to client's desired look & shape.  A topical numbing cream is put on the skin of the eyebrow area for comfort of the client during the treatment.  The hairstrokes of the eyebrows are scratched into the skin with a microblading tool used manually by the Specialist. A semi-permanent tattoo pigment is used, it should last 1 to 1 1/2 years depending on skin type & how the client takes care of the microbladed eyebrows.  Wonderful for patchy eyebrows to look more fuller, or those with no eyebrows at all to have more natural looking eyebrows.  Allow 2 hours for appointment. 

     Touch Up Service is done 4-6 weeks after initial microblading to fill in any areas for optimal beautifully fuller eyebrows.  Usually no re-measuring or shaping is necessary, just numbing of the eyebrow area and microblading touch up areas.  Allow 1 hour for appointment.

Microblading eyebrows tattoo semi-permanent brows service honolulu hawaii best  great microblade

Microblading eyebrows tattoo semi-permanent brows service honolulu hawaii best great microblade

More About Microblading

Mapping & Measurements


Brow Mapping can take  15 minutes to an hour depending on how much brow we are building for each client.  This is the most important step in the microblading process.  It helps find the best point for our clients’ eyebrows to start, arch & end on each brow.

 “Brows are Sisters, Not Twins.”, and this is definitely the case when it comes to the strokes that go into each brow.  The last thing anyone wants is one brow bigger or higher than the other eyebrow. Not ever artist takes time for  this step.

Numbing the Skin


To allow the most comfort for the client a numbing cream is applied before the service.  Since the skin is being scratched it can be painful without numbing first.  The skin is prepped with wiping with an alcohol swab.  Then a Lidocaine numbing cream is put on the skin area of the eyebrows where the microblading will be.  It usually takes 30 minutes, a plastic wrap is placed over the brows to penetrate the area.  Everyone's skin type is different and some clients feel no pain while others may feel it to different degrees. When time allowed is done, cream is wiped off before microblading begins.

Microblading Tool


Microblading is done with a tool or pen, whereas tattoo eyebrows use a motorized device. Microblading tool is a blade made of tiny needles that scratch into the skin leaving a colored semi-permanent pigment.  It can last 1 to 1 1/2 years depending on how well the client takes care of the microbladed eyebrows.  It is recommended to only cleanse the brows with make up remover, cleansers, but no exfoliating products or scrubs.  The microblading tips are disposable one time sterile use only on one client.  Precautions are taken to keep a sanitary environment for the safety of the client. 

Natural Hair Strokes


The beauty of Microblading is the individual hair strokes scratched into the skin to create beautiful natural looking eyebrows.  Wonderful service for those with patchy eyebrows or no eyebrows at all.  The pigment is matched to the clients hair color and agreeing liking.  The color and shape is always confirmed with the client before starting the microblading.  



The after care of your microblading is very important on how they will heal and last.  Do not let any water, soap, or makeup touch your eyebrow area during the first week  after your procedure. A vitamin A & E ointment will be given to you to sparingly put on your eyebrows during the healing process.  Use couple times a day, preferable when you wake up and be fore bedtime.  It will help heal the skin and keep from getting the area infected.  When washing your hair, try no to get your brows wet.  Tip your head back so water does not fall onto face.  No increased sweating, working out, swimming, hot saunas or jacuzzi, avoid exposure to sun, picking  or scratching area to avoid scarring or removal of pigment.

What to Expect While Healing


The first day your brow color and shape will look great. You may have redness around the eyebrows or even a bit swollen.  Place plastic wrap over brows for sanitation, then put ice gel pack over to help with any discomfort.  The next several days to a week they may look way too dark!  Then in a couple weeks they may look as though they are flaking off or wrong shape.  Your brows may seem as though they are gone, then by the third week or end of the month they will be back, but a little patchy.  When you come in for your touch up they will look perfect! It will be completely worth the process when you can wake up and go withe your beautiful full eyebrows! 

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